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I feel that my strength is having a face appear animated even though I work from photographs.  Rather than smoothing the paint over, I like to show dynamic brushstrokes.  This also produces a livelier effect.  I use my paintbrush rather than a drawing implement from the very beginning of the process to lay out the basic shapes and this helps retain a sense of spontaneity. 

Sometimes I enjoy covering the entire canvas with one face in order to achieve an interesting composition.  At other times I feel that I can better express something about the person by incorporating a telling background, such as a place that the person loves to visit. 


When my father died several years ago, I started working from snapshots taken in his early days in order to have a way of spending time with him again.  For these paintings I tended to work in an old-fashioned, sepia-like palette. 


Go to the “Pandemic Art” page to see what I’ve been working on during the trying period that we've all been living through lately.

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